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Music therapy is beneficial for a child of any age and a wonderful way for a child to learn how to express their emotions and communicate needs. Music therapy is proven to promote mental and physical healing as well as enhance a person’s emotional state. This program is an excellent choice for a child who has suffered abuse and trauma.

9 Interesting Facts and Statistics

  1. 86% of users of the Nordoff-Robbins music therapy services said that music therapy had enabled them to develop social skills and interaction (Nordoff Robbins, n.d.)
  2. Your heartbeat changes to mimic the music that you listen to
  3. Distinguishing changes in sounds were found to be equipped in those as small as a developing fetus
  4. Listening to happy vs. sad music can affect the way you perceive the world around you
  5. An “earworm” is a song that you can’t seem to get out of your head
  6. A ‘brain itch’ is a need for the brain to fill in the gaps in a song’s rhythm
  7. Music triggers activity in the same part of the brain that releases dopamine (the ‘pleasure chemical’)
  8. Music triggers networks of neurons into an organized movement
  9. Learning a musical instrument can improve fine motor and reasoning skills

Group Music Therapy Classes in 2020

Begins February 6, 2020 5:30 PM
Ages 5-18
6 weeks in length

HeartSong Music Therapy
605 West Avenue
Gainesville, GA

Limited space available. First come, first serve basis. If interested in additional classes for ages 5 to 18, please contact us.

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