Music Programs



Amped Kids partners with music lesson locations across and private music instructors to teach students of every level from beginner to advanced. The quality of music instruction is excellent but we also provide something more meaningful than solely music instruction and technical proficiency. Each lesson is an opportunity for personal growth and mentorship. Our lesson program includes recitals as an opportunity to showcase what they have learned as well as an opportunity to give back through public performances at senior living communities and other events.

Lesson Types: 

  • Vocal lessons
  • Guitar lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Percussion lessons

Music lessons are free to foster children and children in the DFCS system and it covers the cost of the musical instrument, lessons and instruction materials. We offer a convenient lesson schedule to accommodate the demands of foster families. The lesson programs consists of 30 minute lessons every other week for one year. After the completed year of instruction, there is an evaluation to see the child’s progress and see if the child is interested in continuing musical studies. 

We also provide foster group homes with private lessons or group music lessons.




Music Lesson Partner Locations

Hall County
Lakewood Music Institute, Gainesville
Let There Be Rock, Gainesville
Elevate Performing Arts, Downtown Gainesville
Forsyth County
Music Authority, Cumming
Bald Ridge Boys Home
Lumpkin County
Instructor, Terri Rider
Rainbow Children’s Home
White & Habersham Counties
Acoustic Cellar Guitars
Instructor, April Rooks
Gwinnett County
Music & Arts – Lawrenceville, Snellville and Suwanee
Clarke County
Athens Music School, Athens
Cherokee County
Canton Music Shoppe, Canton
Music & Arts – Woodstock and Marietta
Bibb County

Band Scholarships
Amped Kids band scholarship cover the cost of the music instrument and band fees for middle school and high school students who are in foster care. The music band program is a wonderful way for your foster child to learn an instrument but also be a part of the band family and have a support system from peers as well as mentorship from a band director. 
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Music Therapy

Music therapy is beneficial for a child of any age and a wonderful way for a child to learn how to express their emotions and communicate needs. Music therapy is proven to promote mental and physical healing as well as enhance a person’s emotional state. This program is an excellent choice for a child who has suffered abuse and trauma. 

9 Interesting Facts and Statistics

  1. 86% of users of the Nordoff-Robbins music therapy services said that music therapy had enabled them to develop social skills and interaction (Nordoff Robbins, n.d.)
  2. Your heartbeat changes to mimic the music that you listen to
  3. Distinguishing changes in sounds were found to be equipped in those as small as a developing fetus
  4. Listening to happy vs. sad music can affect the way you perceive the world around you
  5. An “earworm” is a song that you can’t seem to get out of your head
  6. A ‘brain itch’ is a need for the brain to fill in the gaps in a song’s rhythm
  7. Music triggers activity in the same part of the brain that releases dopamine (the ‘pleasure chemical’)
  8. Music triggers networks of neurons into an organized movement
  9. Learning a musical instrument can improve fine motor and reasoning skills


Each child is a shining star and has a Divine Spark in them. We want to help let their light shine through our unique and fun music programs.

Our SHINE program includes:

  • Recording Studio Tours
  • Celebrity Meet & Greets
  • Songwriting Clinics
  • Studio Engineering and Sound Program

Music Education

We believe in the power of music to transform lives. Many of us have very positive memories that are tied to music or a song that we can vividly remember the time and exact location we were at. That is because music is connected to neurological pathways in the brain. As we use music to build new patterns through our neurological pathways we can promote healing and overall health in the lives of foster children of all ages. 

Music lessons and learning an instrument are much more meaningful creating a positive outlet for emotions, building self-confidence and giving each child a voice. As we provide a child the tools needed for healing, we provide a better future for that child. 

If you would like for us to educate your group on the benefits of music education and music therapy, contact us today.